NAME: Amanda Graham, preferred name and AKA Atma Weapon
AGE/DOB: 31 - 10/13/1986
GENDER/SEXUALITY: Polyamorous Virago Lesbian
PRONOUNS: She/Her for clarity in English, neutral or masculine terminology in Japanese
OCCUPATION: Martial arts/self-defense instructor's apprentice/samurai, original fantasy/sci-fi + fanfiction + nonfiction author, indie IF/JRPG game maker, chef
CURRENT LOCATION: Sonoma Wine Country, CA, USA

Hoshigiri, the Star Slaying Sword of Atma Weapon

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Worldbuilding Notes
Lady Siofra Aine Whelan
Original Erotica
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→: Languages - Japanese (varying fluency), Boontling English (fluent), Mandarin (Limited to some martial arts terms/names/history), Uchinaguchi/Okinawan Limited to some martial arts terms/names/history)
→: Scottish/Finnish/Mongolian - Clan Graham (by blood), Clan Saito (by apprenticeship/samurai arts inheritance)
→: Recovering alcoholic - You may message me anytime if you want to talk about any problems you or a loved one may be facing
→: Metalhead (Power/Folk/Viking/Stoner/Sludge/Doom)
→: Shinto/Koshinto - Chivalry/Bushido - Existentialist - Optimist in spite of it all
→: Antifascist / "Eat the rich, eat out the women" / "Make love and war" / Unrepentantly Hedonistic
→: Engaged to Koshka (Early 40s, deaf) - Together over 8 years
→: Mistress of her own harem/polyarmory. Any/all women with a crush on me welcome to come/go as they please. Those in it are known as Courtesans. They get protected/loved/wooed/well fed.
→: Countless other women with crushes exist. How to join the harem
→: This darkest timeline's greatest and final hero

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