@Burlapping is a Twitter bot meant to teach you, word by word, an almost extinct local jargon/argot/slang known as Boontling. It is found in only one small specific area roughly an 80 minute drive north west of where I live called Boonville, located in the coastal Anderson Valley in Mendocino County, California.

It is a bizarre combination of Scottish, Irish, Spanish, and Pomoan, which was spoken by our local Native American tribe, the Pomo people. It also sounds redneck, hick, and rural as heck. I find it charming and grew up with the older relatives of mine still using a few of the words, as my family, after they immigrated here from Scotland and Finland a couple hundred years ago, settled down in this area, so I myself use some of it.

However, I come with a caveat: it's not exactly a pretty jargon. Recurring themes are drinking, coffee, masturbating, genitalia, having sex, hunting, fighting, and whatnot. I tried to clean up some of the terminology/definitions and gave a bit more context (such as what/where the fuck is this Ukiah place they keep talking about) but in the end, if it offends you, it was not my intention to do so and you may want to look elsewhere for a unique linguistics study.

The list I got it from and more information can be found here.

It should tweet once every 30 minutes or so. If for some reason you can't wait to see it all, use the link above for a word list. She has no programmed replies and probably won't have any, unless I can think of a workable theme, so don't bother @ing her expecting an automated response.

Now if you excuse me, I'mma go burlappin'.