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Khastic Fyrshalan Sect

The Sisters of the Breezy Underskirt

TSotBU is a sect of the main Fyrshalan church operating out of the Ahmonas Region on the continent of Lark. Notable regions in this area include the Kingdom of Tanjil, the Na'erdwell Duchy and its tourist town of Layabout, and the bitter rival queendoms of Boltenhall and Darrowdrakk.

PRIMARY DEITY: Fyrshala - Godhead of fire, passion, and sluts. Usually appears in most works as a squat, toned, tanned woman with four arms, tattoos, red hair that ends in flames, with wings of dancing fire and a scimitar in each hand, wearing but a loincloth and small cloth on her chest for modesty. Chains hang from her ankles and wrists and she can spit flames. She is known to be loud, cocky, brash, impatient, violent, and all consuming in her passions and desires. One of the most notoriously difficult deities to work for. Has a pet harpy. She is often the favored deity of those that see themselves most just as well as romantics.

SUB DEITY: Laeshann The Dreamweaver - The goddess of the Realm of Light; an otherworldly skyrealm where divine creatures live and observe from above. She appears in most works as an angelic, multi-winged woman of amazing height with a soft, motherly expression, often naked or as sparsely clothed as possible, with a blueish gold aura to her. In her hands lay a long staff of gold adorned with many rings on the end. She rules the Elemental Aspect of Divinity. Twin sister of Hoethmarr the Harvester.

A matriarchal/female only sect of Fyrshala's church, TSotBU welcome women of most kinds/races/beliefs, save for followers of rival deities Hoethmarr and/or Ivorhala and/or Brynshala. Preferred followers are humans, the desert elves and the ghetto elves, and the jungle lamia. Interactions between members of this church and rival outsiders is considered its only and greatest sin. Contrary to popular belief, TSotBU does NOT have a thing against succubi on a racial level, just most wind up being followers of Hoethmarr to a degree and tend to be shut out. They, in reality, work very closely with a succubus in the town of Layabout known as Mademoiselle Leontine Derriere, whom runs an infamously grand brothel known as Gropecunt Lane.

Many women who go to TSotBU once worked for Leontine as a prostitute and are now looking for a more clean life. Though that depends on what one considers clean, what with the woman who founded it, a blonde paladin who goes only by the nickname Kat, using it as her own personal harem at times. To her credit, Lady Kat is a renowned fighter and has taught her clergy and the women of Gropecunt Lane both how to fight really damn well.

NOTABLE MEMBERS: Lady Kat of the Lay on Hands - A mysterious blonde paladin whom founded the church. Noted for an interesting weaponless fighting style, she founded the church as an excuse to congregate as many willing young women around her as she could, claiming her Lay on Hands talent is unrivaled in all of Nahn and like Siofra, also has an inability to keep it in her pants around women. May or may not be legitimate.

Lady Siofra Aine Whelan - A paladin belonging to the Whelan clan, a family of warriors and tacticians from Tanjil. Notable for her fiery red hair, even more fiery spirit, and the inability to not hit on every woman whom crosses her path. She is one of Fyrshala's most devout followers and, given the church's recent founding, it's newest and foremost champion. Can, like, totally beat Lady Kat in arm wrestling, or so she claims.


ASSOCIATED ARTFORMS: Belly dancing, singing (ballads), love poems

BIRTH RITES: Child is bathed in holy Fyrshalan water at birth.

COMING OF AGE RITUAL: At age 16, one is canonized to work under Fyrshala in whatever capacity they choose and must pass a vision quest. The young woman quaffs a bowl of fermented herbs and drugs and is sent into a forest in naught but her underwear and armed only with a katzbalger (a sword, the only kind that the church's founder would use since it had a similar name to her). Once it wears off, you report back with your adventures. The ritual usually ends with you slicing your palm open on your katzbalger and offering a bowl of your drugged blood up to Fyrshala as proof of your eternal bond, marking it on a long scroll full of the names of women who have gone before you.

DEATH RITES: Buried with relics of their life, in full holy garb, either in Tanjil or Layabout.

DIRECTION OF PRAYER/MEDITATION: Outwards/Public. Focus on flames is usually involved. Holy orgies.

HOLY COLORS: White, gold, red, blue

HOLY SYMBOL: The pattern of the tattoos that are drawn around Fyrshala's bosom, done in reds and golds, outlined in white and blue. Laeshann's staff is seen angled behind it, as if worn across the back/shoulders, pointing up and to the viewer's left.

HOLY TEXTS: Besides what is generally recognized as the books of stories and historical records written by the Khastic prophet/martyr, Alicia, TSotBU recognize the light novel series Bikini Ninjas to be of utmost importance.

MARRIAGE RITES: Between women only. Polygamy allowed/monogamy discouraged. Interracial marriage allowed. Must be aged 16 or older. Usually a feast followed by an orgy.

REPENTANCE: Heresy spankings

TABOOS: Monogamy, oily/greasy food

VIRTUES / SINS: Virtues - Lust, Pride
Sins - Chastity, Humility, Temperance