Welcome to Nahn, an original high fantasy magitech world created by Atma, slowly worked on whenever, for a larger overall original project known as Sordid Sorcery. Below are character and worldbuilding information dumps, as per multiple peoples' request. All stuff is © Atma Weapon. Fanart/fic welcome anytime.

-Basira Nejem: Temporary Bio
Mechanic and member of a nomadic elven tribe, she invents non-magic powered flight to defend her kind against the dragons.

-Buckeye "Blythe" Hessner: Coming Soon
Scruffy vagrant, local drunk and drug dealer, woke up in his cell like this, and generally smelly carefree vagabond with sharp wits.

-Captain Cecily Bloodwedthe: Coming Soon
Vile ghoul/siren pirate queen who terrorized the town of Cape Qorre in the dark era known as The Fall.

-Captain Susan the 13th: Coming Soon
The 13th in a line of mayors of the port town of Gryan, an elven sky pirate with loose morals and a looser liver. Best friend of Siofra Whelan.

-Helena Ozolins: Here
A blue-collar farmer/fishmonger succubus and forbidden life love of the legendary paladin, Siofra Whelan.

-Hilda and Matilda Ingvildr: Here
A cursed succubus willing to martyr herself as a paladin to save her daughter from a similar ill-fate.

-Leontine Derriere: Here
Owner of the sleazy resort town of Layabout's #1 brothel, Gropecunt Lane, and all-around sharp businesswoman.

-Millia Ezrand: Coming Soon
Squire, valkyrie in training, and "straight" woman to Siofra Whelan, she's who keeps her boss in line and alive.

-Prince Serafina: Here
When the apocalypse happens and time itself is killed, it's up to Serafina to lead mortality back to its creative origins across space and non-time.

-Raggy The Slave Fighter: Coming Soon
Bought off a barbarian couple as a feral child, she was raised by a cruel mistress, until she freed herself, learning how to be human in the process.

-Siofra Whelan: Here
A paladin working under the fire goddess Fyrshala, she became Nahn's most important heroine and one of its greatest people historically, her quest for hedonism knowing no bounds and her determined spirit bringing forth glory and innovation to all of Nahn during its magi-industrial revolution.

-Sonya Dammerung-Nejem: Coming Soon
A descendant of Basira, she is one of the last of the Vaiars, a race of elf/dragon people known for long lives and innovation, who takes Nahn to its next level as she is the first to travel into space and master it.

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