After a lot of consideration, I've decided to finally sit down and work out a fully detailed history post of one of my most fully developed and favorite OCs. For both personal and commissioned artist reference, should they want it.

Lady Siofra is a human lesbian paladin working under her world's fire goddess, Fyrshala, in the kingdom of Tanjil in the Ahmonas Region on the continent of Lark, a kingdom on a northern shore known for it's Mediterranean-style climate and vast regions of agriculture. She is of long red hair, a medium complexion, and plentiful freckles in a suit of red and gold armor. She favors glaives and spears as weapons and becomes a historical figure of some grand importance at several points in her world's history through sheer brashness and a love of questing, if even through accident, she's remembered by most, if not always for the greatest of reasons.

It should be noted Siofra Aine Whelan is Irish for "Elf" "Light" and "Wolf" respectively. Yes, the name was chosen on purpose given the full context below.

She was originally created for the purpose of making cheap Kindle porn money on Amazon, but the market proved to be fickle, and the demand for better LGBTQ characters in speculative fiction is rising, especially involving themes that aren't about challenging societal norms nor take place in a world where -phobias need be a thing since a major problem with the genre is it reflecting Earth/our reality's politics, so I put the original stories up for free here and urge you to share them and promote them.

Because of such demands, too, I decided to flesh her into a full character like an old pulp hero, with all the heroic traits and daring feats and romancing of ladies that men were portrayed as, but women never, especially never a lesbian one. This is the outcome, and I consider her one of my greatest creative achievements. If you would like to use her for any reason, especially related to this reasoning above, please ask, I would be more than delighted to see what you're working on.

An example of one such story is a NaNoWriMo I did in 2012 that I pulled a lot of data out of for this. Some of it has since been revised in this official biography, but it's a start. It can be downloaded here.

Spoilers for her whole existence, if spoilers for an OC like this can exist at all.

Physical Description
Siofra is a human paladin in her mid 20s for most of the stories I write of her, standing about 5'7" / 170cm tall and 151lbs / 68kg heavy. Her skin is of a light Mediterranean olive complexion. Her hair goes down to her tailbone and is mostly on the brighter side of red with a brownish hue, in a straight and flat style. The bridge of her nose and her cheeks are lightly marked with freckles, as are the tops of her shoulders with random patches of them on her arms, chest, back, and legs. Eyes are a medium gray tone. Her build is lean and toned from training and combat. She's almost always smiling, her expression smug and full of confidence. Around her forehead is a black headband decorated with gold runes tied tight and flowing behind her.

She usually dresses in full plate mail, red colored and trimmed with gold, complete with a long red cape. Brown leather gloves and boots, matching leather belt with gold buckle. Her ceremonial outfit is a gold-tan tunic with short sleeves and a red long sleeve undershirt and pants, with the same gloves and boots as with the armor.

She also possess one obligatory chainmail bikini she claims she needs for missions/work in desert areas and other places where plate mail would just lead to a nice case of heat stroke. It's a simple chain bra and loincloth padded underneath with a soft, maroon silk, that she often pairs with gloves and boots with a wild fur trim used just for this outfit.

It should be noted that she has a particularly deep, gravelly voice, and sounds a lot more stout and manly than a woman of her visage would appear to sound like. If she were to be voiced, her English voice would be akin to Michelle Rodriguez and her Japanese voice would be akin to Park Romi.

A base artistic reference for her can be found here as well as another one here and a third one here - Art by tumblr users replicaaa (1) iron-eater (2) and twitter user @Mr_Kayoyo (3)

More artistic references can be found alongside this description for use in commissioning art here

Siofra is gallantry, old-school chivalry, the thirst for adventure, a need for glory, and honorbound immense. Her need to do right and show off both are her greatest traits and often her own downfall. What enemies describe as a holy demon, what her allies describe as a whirlwind of willpower, and what women scream the name of in bed as they forget their own.

Okay, maybe she isn't THAT cool, but she wishes she was, and is of the "fake it til you make it" school and will often act grander than she is as a mere human, if only because others shouldn't have to around her. She's a real pal, a dedicated friend, and consummate protector. So what difference does it make that the legends spoken of by her own lips haven't come to pass yet, so long as she makes an effort to make them pass and go into history?

Her justice and honor are deeply personal, having had them ingrained in her since she could stand up and hold a practice sword the first time, knowing that she is both for herself and everyone, before even her goddess, she should take pride in being herself and helping others in her own way, and her loyalty should be first to her own soul, then family and the common folk, before any god or king no matter how much fealty she's sworn to them.

One of her more obvious qualities is she's a notorious flirt and will hit on anyone female, which stems from the fact she lost her virginity in her early teens to one of her elven fencing instructors, whom she remembers the curves of fondly to this day, and whom she blames for giving her an insatiable lust for elves and other non-human women. This leads to some commitment issues down the lines with most women, but especially the only one she ever truly fell madly in love with, but that can be detailed later. She tries to do women well and treat them with the romance she feels they deserve, but not every woman is so keen on her running off a day or two later, but most still welcome the embrace no matter how temporary.

She's known she was gay pretty much her whole life and would speak of marrying fair maidens as early as she could read tales of them, something her family accepted wholly as her father is a bisexual diplomat and taught her everything he knows about smoothtalking.

((It should be noted that most people in Nahn do not care if you're gay, bi, straight, or trans; it's just not something their history ever bothered to take any kind of rancor with, and it's been normalized since even the dark ages, so Siofra had it easy in regards to this and has never felt bad or confused over it; she is immensely certain beyond most other things she loves other women exclusively and sees no need for her or others to ask otherwise. After all, she's not judging you. You do you, after all.))

Her flaws are the noted commitment issues as well as drinking and drug habits, as she firmly believes in hedonism and treating yourself constantly. She is also stubborn to a fault, which leads to her getting frustrated with herself and her need to learn how to commit and be less irresponsible in her inter-personal relationships, and often she feels like she is "too good" because she has a hard time taking advantage of others. To her credit, at least, she knows that a no is a no, and would prefer a night of being shot down to years of fallout breaking another heart. Her big mouth also tends to lead her and her squires into more danger than she'd like to admit was her fault, but she tries her best to clean it up.

Most of her drive to do well and better herself and talk a big game stems from the fact she cheated on her one true love once under stress in the middle of a small war, and she hasn't forgiven herself since, more so than the poor woman who's heart she broke is having a hard time trying to find out how to put it behind them, if they even can. So she figures she may as well get it all out of her system now while she's young and see if she can't mature a bit in the meantime and prove herself someone worthy of her clan and name.

She just really wants you to believe in yourself, too, so you don't wind up making her own mistakes, since if nothing else she wants to help raise a generation of better knights to defend this wonderful world and universe with. Once she's allies herself with you, she's allies for life.

Siofra's just really lucky her goddess doesn't require a vow of chastity or anything.

Birth and Childhood
Siofra was born to her mother Grunda Solberg-Whelan and father Cinead Whelan in the year 1580 of Nahn Cycle 419. She is one of a set of twins, the older sister by but a few minutes, to one twin brother named Diarmaid Whelan. She was born on the real world equivalent of May 13th. The Whelan Clan is known throughout their homeland as a legendary bloodline of warriors, mages, and tacticians and so both of their births were greatly revered through the land.

She begins training in both physical and mental skills the moment she can walk and hold a practice sword at the same time, being given many books, fictional and not, to inspire her and instruct her as she practices her combat basics daily.

Most of this time is spent learning and playing and pretending to be a mighty dragonslayer.

Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Siofra had technically discovered girls before now, in the idle fantasies of her books where she imagined herself saving princesses and getting a kiss in return. But puberty happens to everyone eventually and the surge of hormones brought infinitely more confusing feelings around other girls, leading her father to lend her one of his most prized books on talking to and picking up others, complete with cheesy lines. She immediately practiced this knowledge until she got her first kiss at the age of 12 by the princess, turning the would-be paladin into a pile of goo for a while and swearing she'd come back to marry her. That didn't work out, but it set a pattern for the rest of her life.

When she was 14 and starting her training to become a paladin canonized under Fyrshala, she was sent to work with a famous elven fencing instructor. Siofra was very obviously entranced by her and one night she was called into her tent to talk and Siofra wound up losing her virginity then and there to her, leaving the girl with a lifelong thing for elves and other non-human women. The two saw each other off and on for a couple years as Siofra trained, but they ultimately moved on to more appropriate age categories.

Age 16, she is canonized as a paladin trainee under Fyrshala after completing the initiation rite of ingesting strange fermented herbs and being sent on a spiritual quest into a forest in naught but her underwear and armed with just her sword and seeing how she deals with the holy visions before her, ending with Siofra offering a bowl of her own blood in sacrifice as proof of her bond between her and her goddess, using it to mark her name on a scroll now sealed up in blood oath to her mission.

At the age of 19, Siofra wound up doing a lot of drugs at a party and went on a soul-searching hiatus from her church as she became a bard, singing and strumming a guitar in seedy bars all over Lark and trying her best to sell her music and woo as many groupies as she could. This lasts about three years, before Siofra realized she was using all her money on prostitutes and more drugs, and that this was ultimately getting herself nowhere, so she returns to the church and picks up the sword again. Her specialty in this time was power ballads.

When she is 23 she meets an infernal woman named Helena, and finds herself in genuine love for the first time ever, far far different from her many flings and crushes beforehand. Unfortunately, a couple years into their relationship, right before Siofra was considering proposing to her and settling down, a small war broke out on the border of Ahmonas and she had to go to the front. It wasn't a long war, but during it Siofra broke down mentally and wound up cheating on Helena and word quickly got back to her and the potential engagement, as well as the whole relationship, was broken off, crushing poor Siofra's heart into pieces.

The Hedonistic Period
Repentance was needed. Severe regret for a bad impulse that destroyed the best relationship she ever had drove Siofra to one conclusion: she ought to get all of this out of her system while she can in her young age and make sure she and nobody else made a bad decision ever again, or at least a poor of a choice as that was.

It was time to go on a years long bender and indulge in a way even the immortals would make note of, and party too hard, so that it would exhaust her of such sinning urges ever again. She picked up a squire to train in this time, Millia, and took her around the world in a whirlwind of temptation.

Most of Siofra's greatest deeds come from this time in her life, as her drive to do right was insurmountable and her passion to fix things drove her to do some things of immense historical note.

Along the way, she found herself in Labryssinnia, a southern island nation full of amazonian women, and the homeland of her mother. While there, an old medicine woman has her drink a potion that lets her be able to impregnate other women at will, but Siofra does not realize this until she has slept with Moonglow, a local huntress, and visits her a couple years later to find she has birthed a daughter with awfully familiar freckles. Her name is Sarangerel and she's already trying to use tree branches like one would a sword. While Sarangerel would grow up to be a famous fencer and duelist in her own right, she's still only barely walking at this point. To her credit, Siofra takes full responsibility and makes sure to visit often and bring the two food and drink and money amongst other goods.

She is forever cautious though of old women bearing potions and her newfound ability, making sure to keep it in check during any future physical encounters if possible.

Soon after that, she is hunted down by a pack of lady werewolves and initiated as one herself, taking on the curse and once a month, finding an immense urge to be hairy and sniff at women more so than usual. Siofra believes this is Fyrshala's version of a joke, after having had so many women call her a she-wolf, she actually became one. That's karma for you, though. Poor Lanzo, Siofra's wolf steed, just sighs and treats her like his long lost sister. As if his owner wasn't enough trouble already. He's too old for this shit.

During this time, she also gets into many duels and fights and sides with various people in small conflicts and bigger wars, offering her service in her and her goddess's names, making a mark for herself all over Nahn as a renowned fighter and tactician. Like father, like daughter.

One of the most notable things Siofra did, however, besides win many a good person their rights and happiness back, is she became the first person of any race, mortal or immortal, to scale the Tower of Izravai'a. The tower was built before Siofra's time, but after planes were invented, by a man named Izra, of a short lived race called the Vaiars. The Vaiars were of elven, dwarven, and dragon blood and lead to an immense need to study and learn, but that need consumed them wholly and they forgot to reproduce, leading them to have lived only a few generations and only as legend now to people like Siofra.

Izra was the maddest of all the Vaiars and built this tower in the frozen northern wastelands using all the knowledge of the world he had compiled so he could bridge the grounds of Nahn to the skies of the heavens and form a walkway to the gods themselves. So many before had attempted this quest but none had succeeded, as old man Izra had laced the tower with many tests and traps that most were not ready for. Siofra, however, compelled to be a better person, managed to best it with the help of Millia, a local elven ship captain and rogue named Susan, amongst others, all of whom are remembered as being part of the first to scale the long climb to heaven. It's said that while they attempted this challenge, they heard old man Izra himself mocking them and growing infuriated and crotchety as they bested his ruses. Whether it was actually him or not is one for the storybooks.

It's claimed that Siofra and Millia bedded each other in the tower to best a trap that tried to infect Siofra with a primal amount of holy energy so as to soothe her, but the truth is something nothing but the two of them will ever know.

Siofra conquered the tower and met with Fyrshala face to face at the top, deeming if she could somehow bed her, she could finally have done everything needless and hedonistic in life and get it out of her system. The goddess was amused, and laughed, and decided to grant Siofra this wish, in return that she become her right hand in the heavens.

So Siofra became also one of the first mortals to sleep with a god. And live to tell the tale.

She also had to stick around a while as a demigod and attend to Fyrshala's needs, but grew tired of it fast, saying that even this and heaven and the earth too was not enough to sate the hole in her heart that yearned for Helena, so she gave up the mantle of immortal for the time being and went home to Tanjil, a mortal once more.

It had been a long, long bender. A long trip. An epic enough for many tales in one, and she set Millia free, even though the two trained together still and remained friends, she had seen her grow into a fine young paladin of the rival goddess Brynshala, and the two promised to remain close forever, even if being lovers or married was never in their stars.

All Siofra wanted, exhausted from seeing the whole world many times over and heaven too, was to be home, possibly in Helena's arms. This whole quest had been to affirm that nobody else on any plane was as good as she was, and it proved true.

Siofra went to Helena and apologized and detailed her quests thoroughly. It was a last ditch effort, and if it didn't work, she would have given up on her forever and lamented the rest of her days as the biggest idiot that Nahn ever bore.

Pray be it Helena accepted her words, as she had missed Siofra just as terribly.

And so came an end to Siofra's wildest days.

This period ends when Siofra is now in her early 30s, meaning the mighty bender that spans some of her greatest achievements lasts about a decade.

Middle and Old Age
Siofra and Helena married soon after Siofra's return home from paradise, her swearing off even being a demigod and her apologies enough to win the girl back over. The two pack up for travel and leave Tanjil for a good, long time, at least until around the time Siofra turns 50 or so, to just travel Nahn and start a family and do what they can in this life, running into Millia by chance in random dungeons and battlefields and catching up on old and new times and sending her many letters and receiving as many back, before eventually returning to Tanjil to serve as a fighting instructor, general in the army alongside an aged Millia, tactician, and head guard to the king and any princesses that may be around, fighting in any war she's needed in, until she becomes too old to hold the position, retiring to the house on the outskirts of the castle town that she was raised in around the age of 83, seeing herself and her wife grow older and her children become mighty warriors in their own regards.

At the start of their travels together in marital bliss, they pick up Moonglow, and they coexist and live together peacefully, somehow.

She is a proud parent to four wonderful warrior women, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

By Fyrshala's tits, she was blessed in every way in her long life.

Death and Rebirth and Godhood

Siofra passes on at the rather old age of 117 in the year of 1697 of cycle 419. She is buried in the highest holy grounds of Tanjil and forever revered one of its greatest heroes, in a grave next to where Millia was buried only a small handful of years ago herself, Millia's tomb inscribed with the rank of Siofra's squire forevermore, even if long before then Siofra saw her as an equal. Many women and people who would be paladins venture to her grave to pray and pay offering for their travels so they may be safe and prosperous as she was. Given the lifespan of infernal-kin and the elves, Helena and Moonglow live on quite a bit longer, but are rarely seen again after Siofra passes. However, rumors state if you show up at the right time at Siofra's grave, you can see a devilish figure joined in tandem with an elvish figure quietly tending to the site and humming a beautiful but solemn tune. If you ask them who they are or what they're doing, they'll claim they are of no importance, and go about their way.

Eventually, too, Helena and Moonglow pass and join Siofra in the bonds of the afterlife, where most await the rest of history to pass so they can collectively return to a new cycle of creation. And as cycles and time and history march on, eventually their daughters join them, as do their own, and so forth.

As luck would have it, the way this world works is the gods literally write history and note it down in a universal archive for perusal by future gods and cycles later, if only just for inspiration. The twin goddesses of cycle 419, Laeshann and Hoethmarr, name a woman called Serafina who saves Nahn and the universe from a time-halting apocalypse their successor, and Serafina takes several historical figures from cycle 419 to make cycle 420 with.

Siofra is one of the lucky ones chosen to become a godhead in the new universe, alongside her wife, Helena. Siofra is deemed the ruler of the Lights and heavens above and Helena is named the ruler of the Embers down below. The two act in tandem to make sure all kinds of mortals and immortals and their planes of existence exist in harmony and balance regardless of whom they come from. It's said in legends in the far off future of cycle 420 that the two still bicker like a married couple would and often cause immense mischief to the mortals due to it, but it is extremely clear to all other beings they deeply care for each other. You can't worship one without the other.

They do say a hero cannot be defeated simply because she has died. For better or worse, in Nahn and the universe's case, Siofra is immortal, from this cycle on, she is a permanent fixture of creation and an inspiration to future creator deities many, many generations of gods down the line and many, many cycles later.

Family and Friends and Pets

Cinead Whelan
Siofra and Diarmaid's father. A politician by trade who works as an ambassador for Tanjil. He is known the world over for being able to resolve conflict with his wit, words, and if so be it, his bedchamber, regardless of one's gender or race, he is open to all and is well-studied in the ways of many old and new empires. One of the main reasons his kingdom has stayed out of trouble and war as long as it has. Loves to travel and collect books, he has written tomes on motivation and how to better oneself regardless of occupation. Taught Siofra everything she knows about negotiating and talking her way out of trouble. Often seen twirling his mustache. Fondest of his wife's stews and breads. You never met a kinder man in all your life.

Grunda Solberg-Whelan
A woman of impressive musculature and stature from the island nations of Labryssinnia. An amazon in every way, with striking crimson hair and a disposition for eating protein, starting families, and decapitating any enemy who will not bow to you. Her and Cinead fell in love by chance during one of his diplomacy missions to the islands and the two have been inseparable since; the brawn to his brains. When a very young Siofra expressed interest in becoming a paladin, she contacted all her old trainers and asked if she could send her to them to receive the best combat training possible. Her cooking as is legendary in flavor as it is in excess. Loves Siofra and her brother more than life itself and hopes they both father countless children in her stead.

Diarmaid Whelan
Siofra's twin brother, born minutes after her. A man who feels it is his fate to live in his sister's shadow, he is none the less an impressive sorcerer in his own right. If he would just believe in himself, he could get far, at least within his own kingdom, and perhaps even find a wife of his own, but as is he mostly sits at home and laments a lack of talent. He does not realize yet that the most important person to believe in him will be himself, but once he does, he will become a magician of impressive skill.

Helena Ozolins
The first and only woman Siofra ever fell really, deeply, truly, and madly in love with. A succubus from a humble fishing and farming family living at the edge of Ahmonas, Siofra's church opposed her relationship with Helena, leading to undue stress until Siofra broke down during a war she was sent to and cheated on her at a local brothel. No amount of mental or physical repentance could earn her Helena's forgiveness, so she entered the most hedonistic period of her life to rid herself permanently of such desires. Whether Helena ever forgives Siofra or not depends on if she can break the mutual longing to be together or not, even after all this.

Millia Ezrand
A plucky young blonde warrior woman assigned by the kingdom to be Siofra's official squire and apprentice, she has to put up with the endless amounts of crap from Siofra, as well as her endless streams of new and crappy pick up lines. Siofra has the hots for her, but would only ever do anything consensually, so she knows it could be never before they could date. A spearwoman who is adept at air combat, she is an adept swordswoman on land and able to keep Siofra in check by bringing her back down to the reality of things. Has a shining future ahead of her, if she can get past her liege's ridiculous lifestyle.

A woman of the same southern tribal lands of Labryssinnia where Siofra's mother hails from. Thanks to the local interference of certain old medicine women, Siofra was found in their tropics out of energy and in need of water and was somehow magickally able to return the favor by sleeping with her and accidentally knocking her up. Siofra had no idea that she was a parent until she returned several years later and found Moonglow had a familiarly-freckled daughter. Everyone manages to coexist in the end, but while Siofra tried to be a good parent, she always did worry what Helena would do if she found out.

Siofra's Children
Siofra winds up with several children between Moonglow and Helena, though Helena happily carries most of them. All of them daughters, raised to be as mighty and chivalrous as she is, but with Helena's discipline they remain a bit less of a mind that insists on sleeping around. So our tally is up to four daughters. All bear the proud freckled marks of Siofra and carry on the Whelan Clan traditions with pride.

Sarangerel - Daughter by Moonglow. Half-Elf. Ntoriously vicious fencer. Half sister to the others. Oldest sibling.
Damjana - Daughter by Helena. Half-Infernal. Infamous highwayman and knife-fighter.
Isabella - Daughter by Helena. Half-Infernal. An archer of great skill. Twin to Wynne.
Wynne - Daughter by Helena. Half-Infernal. A cleric with a hammer of justice. Twin to Isabella.

All four kids, being of either half Elven or Infernal descent, live longer than their parents did, but not before showing them their own families and potential children. This would easily occur as Siofra, Helena, and Moonglow travel Tanjil and raise their kids along the way and as Siofra acts as a general.

A cat Siofra adopted in her youth that became a loving if comical companion. Similar to a Pallas Cat in our world, she is expressive, bright eyed, and long haired, with a penchant for going on her own small, local adventures anytime Siofra is sent on a mission outside of Tanjil. Loves her some tiaras and other bright silvery bling. Enjoys puking on Siofra's possessions and coughing up hairballs as a greeting.

A great wolf of bronze coloring who has been with Siofra most of his life. The Whelan family is noted for riding giant wolves into battle, which gives some credit to their name and a possible reason for it, and Lanzo is no exception. He is tall, strong, lean, and hungry, but always thoroughly embarrassed by his master's need to stop her missions to seduce the women on the enemy side; even he isn't as much of a dog as she is and is officially too old for this shit. Still, when needed, if Siofra jumps on his back in saddle, the two are an unstoppable force riding far and quick across enemy lines to end their jobs in record times.

Siofra's patron deity. The godhead figure of fire and passion, a multi-armed goddess, tall and tanned and sporting immense strength and a short temper. She is notoriously difficult to work for and be canonized under but values anyone in her name more than most others under the other godheads would consider. More information on her and the religion surrounding her is here.


Physical Combat
Siofra is expertly trained and has been since she was a small child in swordsmanship, spearfighting, and has a basic familiarity with unarmed combat and weapons like warhammers and bows, but her favored weapon is the glaive, a kind of spear with a wide and immense blade. Eventually she comes into possession of the legendary glaive, Flametongue, which was forged of pure ores and metals enriched in only the strongest of fire magicks stemming from Reha, the world tree. Her style is brutal but beautiful, a notable trait of the desert elves that taught her.

It's rumored she only uses the sword and shield for short missions and ceremony due to the fact she is notoriously awful at shieldbearing, and has been known to accidentally throw it into friend and foe alike in combat.

She is capable of riding mounts while in combat, which she finds easier to fight with her glaive with, although she has occasionally been seen riding around and slashing at things with a sword far too big for a person like her. As mentioned, The Whelan Clan is known for riding giant wolves, so that's the mount she's usually seen on, though she has a small command of most other common ones like horses and griffons.

Siofra minored in paladin magicks, which usually are associated with the element of the godhead you work for as well of a side of healing magicks. In this case, being under Fyrshala, Siofra has a small control over fire and can shoot off fireballs from her palms as well as concentrated flames from any weapon she wields or armor she wears, but Flametongue is particularly adept and can act as a flamethrower in our world would work. She can also use holy, purifying rays of a weird, immense heat that act in a way her flames cannot, being able to manipulate it about as well as her flames, including being able to concentrate some into her weapons and armor.

She can also heal minor to moderate wounds with a lay on hands technique and has a notable skill for being able to physically and magickally boost the courage and will of anyone who listens to her, should she choose to manipulate this skill. If she speaks well, you are compelled to fight on, and often fight better due to it, healing any bizarre conditions that may be afflicting you and giving you a temporary boost to your combat capabilities. This allows for much grandstanding.

It should be noted most dedicated healers, mages, clerics, warlocks, and the like would far outpace her in power and casting capability, but as is she can get by usually on these without relying on the magick knowledge of another.

Siofra is a werewolf, as she was bitten by a lady werewolf once while she was out on a quest to investigate possible local issues related to them. As a result, once a month, when the moon is full and overhead, Siofra will transform into a wolf woman, albeit one of a modicum of intelligence and awareness. She can't communicate nearly as well in this form, but she is still capable of some basic speech and can understand what you're saying to her. She has fur the same color as her hair with a tan underbelly, large claws, and gains a boost to her natural speed and strength, though she cannot cast magick while in this form nor wear conventional armor or use most conventional weapons unless severely modified.

Siofra is a competent airship pilot. Her world is in a time where they are common enough and an evolution of the non-magick fueled planes invented by noted elven inventor Basira Nejem, and as someone who travels a lot she feels it's important she knows how to drive at least something a bit faster than her noble steed.

She also knows how to work with mitter berries; a fruit of many flavors and varieties akin to cannabis and opium in our world, which can be fermented into a medicinal liquor of notable potency. Her knowledge mostly extends to how to use them to treat combat wounds and minor illness, but it's enough to get by on easily.

Linguistically she speaks common and a good chunk of elven and a few words of the monster-kin here and there, especially the infernal languages, but she's far from fluent in those.

She can sing, whistle, and play the mandolin and guitar a bit, though it's nothing fancy yet, but she retains what she knows from her short but intense stint as a bard in her late teens.

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Set in a friend's Fire Emblem-like game world. She is currently an unaffiliated guest character you can recruit. Can be found here.

An Escort Mission - made by Atma
Set in the main world and after my first NaNoWriMo, this is a short RPGMK2k3 game where you have to find an assassin hiding in a brothel by finding clues about her identity around town. Contains many VN style bad ends. 4chan's /u/ gave it a "10/10 would wander around aimlessly again." You can download it for any price here.