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⚂ A Brief History

I have never felt more at home or like I belong on any site or function on the internet than I have on IRC, and within that a little populated server called PSIGenix is where I feel most situated and most comfortable.

Dicebag was founded nearly a decade ago back when PSIGenix was known as Xelium.

It was started as a sister-chat of sorts to the official IRC chat for the now long defunct Xenosaga fansite, Labyrinthos, so that a few of its members could come together to chat in peace about their interests and lives a bit more freely, rather than having it attached to a chat dedicated to a particular site and/or subject/theme, to avoid drama and infighting amongst a couple different cliques that had arisen as per the usual internet drama. The original group that populated the channel is all pretty much long gone, for better or for worse, but being the channel founder, I remained and kept it up and running anyways, bringing in other people from other sites/venues/chats when I felt fit and telling people it was a more steady form of communication for me and a guaranteed place/way to find me online no matter what the circumstance was elsewhere for me on the internet, even if I was on hiatus or radio silence anywhere else, I would be able to be found there without fail, alive and kicking.

To this day, it has been used by many people to find me, and some people reunite with me and become a regular member again, or merely stop for a day, see I'm still alive, and leave again for another long stretch of time. It still serves a major role though as a place anyone can come to and chat freely in about anything, as there has never been nor will there ever be a permanently set topic/theme/subject nor will it ever be attached to or affiliated with any site. People are free to come and go at will and stay as long as they please, and are welcome to invite their friends (though a quick run by me as to who will be potentially stopping by is nice, it is by no means required) to join. A safe space to chat about your lives and interests, as it was founded for, and so shall it remain. It will probably still be up and running until past doomsday, with me still hovering by a fading and blinking light, door open just in case one of you decides to stop by anyways.

So while IRC may be ancient protocol, and it was back when I first started using it, and it will be beyond the age of dust as far as the history of the internet goes by the time I leave it or die, it is reliable; something I have in common with it, and probably why no matter what, this is my home and it is where you or anyone else can find me and feel as welcome as I do.

⚓ House Rules ⚓

⚔ Don't be a dick
⚔ No child porn
⚔ Bots/Scripts OK!

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