"I didn't know samurai could still exist until I met you..."

Start of self-study: 2019
Start of 8th year at current dojo: September 2018
Trainee Instructor in everything listed below as of January 2015
Historical/Cultural archivist and knowledge inheritor as of February 2015
Induction into Samurai Clan Saitō / Oda circa 2010 with start of swordsmanship (via sensei's sensei's grandmother)

Arts listed here are what I currently train regularly and thoroughly, as well as help teach at an assistant instructor/apprentice level.

-American Boxing/Kickboxing (Light/Medium/Full Contact) (1 year child/7 years adult)
-Okinawan Karate (7 years adult) (3rd kyu)
    ❀ Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu + Goju-Ryu
    ❀ Matayoshi Kobudo (Weapons) (Sai/Tonfa/Kama/Nunchaku/Bo/Eku)
    ❀ WKF referee/judge training for kumite (Sparring)
-Japanese Swords/Samurai Arts (7 years adult) (Advanced Curriculum) (Primary Assistant Instructor)
 -Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu :: Harusuke-Ha branch/lineage (22nd generation samurai)
 -Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-Ryu
    ❀ Iaijutsu/Iaido
    ❀ Kenjutsu
    ❀ Kendo (Pre WW2 era rules, i.e. grappling/disarming/decapitation allowed)
    ❀ Batto-Do/Tameshigiri (Target cutting)
    ❀ Traditional samurai jujitsu
    ❀ Senryaku (Strategy/Tactics)
    ❀ Armor/Weapons maintenance
    ❀ Dual Wielding
    ❀ Auxillary Weapons (Yari, Naginata, Jitte, Tessen, Shurkien, Tetsubo, etc)
-Southern Chinese Lion Dancing (5 years)
-Yang Family Tai Chi/Qigong (Self-defense and health/meditative) (5 years)
-Self Defense (7 Years)
-Personal fitness/conditioning/weight-lifting/stretching (7 years)

Arts listed here are things I have picked up pieces of and attend annual seminars on, but do not currently study thoroughly. Plans are made for me to eventually move on to these once black belt or equivalent of is achieved in Primary Arts.

-Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu (Seminar based/as needed)
-Kung Fu Weapons (Jian/Dao/Gun/Qiang)
-Arnis/Escrima stick/knifefighting (Seminar based/as needed)

-European crossbow/longbow/shortbow
-European throwing knives and axes

Arts listed here are not ones I have any hands-on experience with as of this time, but have expressed interest in trying at least for a while, if not fully learning eventually.

-Muay Thai
-Dog Kung Fu/Gouquan/Dishuquan
-Hyoho Niten Ichi-Ryu

Retired Arts
-Kenpo Karate (1 year child) (6th kyu)