Katsuragi eBooks is a Twitter bot based on the character Katsuragi from the video game series, Senran Kagura. Knowledge of the series or character is not required to follow, but it probably helps. It tweets once per hour out of a bank of phrases, picking one at random. If you @ her, within ten minutes she will reply back to you at random from a separate bank of phrases as her main tweets. Sometimes I'll slide in as bot curator and post or RT some prime Katsuragi related content from my main Twitter I think the bot's audience would enjoy.

Humor is largely based on homosexuality and in particular lesbianism, weed/stoner jokes, surrealism, slapstick, and a general disregard of shame. Jokes should be inoffensive to racial/sexual/gender/religious minorities. If a joke/tweet seems off to you in any way, please contact me to discuss it ASAP. While Senran Kagura and especially Katsuragi aren't kid or family friendly, I still want her to remain a safe and fun tool/creation for the fandom and something most people can enjoy without feeling personally insulted.

However, just because she is a bot and runs on her own without interruption or notes or login from me 99% of the time, with most logins only being to edit her phrase banks quickly, doesn't mean she can't be misused or abused. Certain behaviors towards the bot will not be tolerated. The following are a few examples of misuse.

✲ If you are banned from my main twitter, following her to sneak past me is not tolerated. If you followed her before the block, you're more likely allowed to stay. Sending nasty or abusive tweets at her in retaliation for your ban will earn you a load of trouble.
✲ Using the bot to harass those that don't want it (including them in @'s or reply chains, directing tweets at them when they clearly don't want it) is garbage behavior. Don't do this.
✲ Threats or insults tweeted at the bot that are targeted against @Swordwields in any manner are not tolerated.
✲ If you identify as male and try to sexually engage with the bot, roleplay or otherwise, especially of a nonconsensual variety, is 100% not kosher. Likewise, homophobic behavior/slurs are absolutely not tolerated, against the bot or @Swordwields. If for some reason you cannot handle the fact the character, the bot of the character, and @Swordwields all identify as lesbians, perhaps you shouldn't be here. The topic of the character's sexuality, the bot's sexuality, and @Swordwield's sexuality is not a topic up for discussion ever.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will earn you a ban, except for the last rule (sexual engagement/homophobia), which will earn you a permanent and irreversible ban. The rest of the cases can be discussed with @Swordwields on a case-by-case basis. Further harassment and/or multiple ban circumventions will get you a full report to staff. There are minors that follow and engage with the bot, amongst those who'd rather not see this kind of content, be it from your end or perhaps the bot in general (making people uncomfortable with the character or canon in question is a shitty thing to do, too and falls under the harassment rule, and it is not my intent to harm people with her so the least you can do is extend that wish), so I have to step up and take things around her a bit more seriously. I want this bot to remain a safe, fun space for anyone and everyone. This is the only way I can continue to do so.

I reserve the right to ban anyone from the bot for any reason beyond what's listed here. Use at your own risk.

If you can follow these few simple rules, then 99% of you about 99% of the time will have no issues.

Have fun, and thanks for using your local Katsuragi eBooks. We hope to see you again soon!*

*especially bring your sister next time

Current Tweet Bank: 94
Current Reply Bank: 35


Q: Is (x) tweet a reference to/joke about (pop culture thing)?
A: Most likely, yeah.

Q: I have a great idea for a tweet and/or reply! Do you take submissions?
A: If you feel you have something amazing, DM either my main @Swordwields or katsu_ebooks herself

Q: What does "This 'ere modocker is going to hit the moldune trail for some molly gormin' up at Madge's" even mean?
A: This one comes from Boontling, which is an almost extinct jargon/argot from the Anderson Valley in Northern California right by where I live/was raised. I grew up listening to relatives speak it and as a result, speak it and love it and try to preserve it. It's got some pretty hilarious and rude slang in it.

The tweet itself translates to "This here lesbian/dyke is going to have an affair with some women by sucking on titties over at Madge's brothel up in the local town of Ukiah." What a fun, wholesome, and educational tweet.

If you'd like to learn more Boontling, my other bot @Burlapping tweets random words from it every half hour. There's also a master list on Wikipedia. It doesn't contain all the words tweeted (some are found in local news archives and such) but it's a good start.


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