2016 - A look back at a disappointing year and what it means to find your destiny amidst the rubble.
As The Fiddlers Play - The 1st year anniversary look back of my radpidly developed and now permanent alcoholism. Some of this information, such as my current sponsor and treatment methods, are out of date. Still an important piece of history in what we now refer to between friends as my Atmaholism. Originally posted on July 1st, 2016.
Discomfort Zone - What it's like to be a lesbian in fandom when you find more comfort and find yourself in fanservice and other "Problematic" media and not the common and accepted "good" narratives.
Favorite Video Games - The quintessential website feature. My top 5 and how they shaped me as a person.
Long Live The Queen - A massive, 8k word essay on why it's important to find yourself in media, latch onto it, and not let anyone tarnish your happiness. A more readable mirror of this is here. BONUS CONTENT: A rewrite of this article in my girlfriend Koshka's style, as both a personal writing exercise and a means for me to examine how others view me. You can find it here.
People's Republic of the Iron Forge - My attempt at a micronation.
Sad Gay Robots - Lesbianism in NieR: Automata - Automata is a game of many strong existential and personal themes. Lesbianism has a strong foothold in a lot of small and large plot points. I examine it from the perspective of my being gay and why it works so well as representation.
Sunset Samurai Records - My transmom and I play a game where we're eternally competing fictional record labels. This is my offering. Faking being a fan/member of these bands is highly encouraged.
Video Game Puritanism Disorder - Video games, as a medium, are stuck in a rut and can't mature until they get past their fear of touching their first titty. A dissection of American Puritanism and its affects on how we interact with one of my favorite hobbies.
Weed Women and Song: The Official Atma Mixtape - An ongoing mixtape of massive proportions of both friend recommended and personally chosen songs to save the universe to.
Weight of the World - How just one girl can be a hero. Reflexions on my own lifelong obsession with heroism as seen through Ending E of NieR: Automata


Fear and Loathing in Wine Country: Criterion Collection - My NaNoWriMo 2015 entry. A self-insert fanfic about me and Katsuragi from Senran Kagura saving the world from Nazis based out of Neo Brazil. Contains bg info and a mixtape. Not Safe For Work. Not Safe For Life.
Kat dot html - The headcanon handwriting of Katsuragi from Senran Kagura. The font is, well, called Atma. Somehow, it fits. A god somewhere is laughing at me.
⚔ Senran Kagura Character Sheets - Sheets for SK style AUs of myself/friends/OCs/other series characters. Atma | Koshka | Siofra Whelan | YoRHa No.2 Type B