Background Information: Sometimes I make up dumb fake bands. They go here.

I highly encourage you to use these bands in various ways; fake being a member of the band (pick any instrument or position you like), fake having seen the band on tour/met the band, put posters of them on your characters' walls in your comics/stories, argue about how (x) totally sold out you guys, whatever works for you. If you do something with any of them, let me know over on Twitter.

Sunset Samurai Records
"Beats that cut down to the depths of your heart and soul."
CEO: Atma Weapon


Agrmeju - Babylonian Folk/Death Metal

Anallihator - ?????

Battlecraft - Gaelic Folk Metal
* The Ballad of Siofra Whelan
* Siofra Whelan Rides Again
* A Siofra on the Edge of Tomorrow
* Siofra the Hotblood
* Lady Whelan LIVE - Riding Atop The Naked Duchess
"She Wears Lace"
"Seventh Voyage of The Blind Whore"
* Where Siofra Dares Tread and Immortals Fall
* The Last Temptation of Siofra Whelan

A band dedicated solely to a metal rendition of Atma's own high fantasy/Sordid Sorcery pulp heroine, Siofra Whelan, a lesbian paladin. Largely seen as a vanity project, it has a fanbase of notable merit, and is particulrly popular with young women.

Chainsaw Crucifix - Black Metal

Commies w/Coffee - Indie Rock

Crotch Rocket - Thrash Metal

Devil Dyke - ?????
* The Revenge of Caterina Sforza
"Throne of the Stoner Darklord"
"Patriarchal Chicken Death Farm"
* Homosexual Deathstyle

Doom Oven - Doom/Sludge Metal

Electric Dojo Goths - JRock w/Folk Influences
* Battle of Midway

This album was very poorly received and universally panned. said "Like it's name, it bombed hard." Entertainment Weekly called it "An abortion."
KOTO - Reili

Gaynbow - Chiptunes
* Preposterous Gay Acts

A band consisting of remixes of songs from the Katamari Damacy and Senran Kagura video game series only.

Iron Rain - ?????

Kamikaze Baphomet - ?????

Karma Battery - New Age
* Jesus Battery

Mac & Chee$e - Rap
* Soul Food
"Jalapeno Business"
"Raking In The Dough"
"Bun In Da Oven"
"High Steaks Hustler"
"Bitches and Hotatoes"
"Udon Know Me"
"Nacho Problem, G"
"A Salt With A Deadly Weapon"

Muhammad's Dragonaxe - ?????
* Addicted To Regicide
* Axe of the Apostles

NorCal Bra Thieves - Lady-lead Antifa Punk Rock

Nuclear Shark - ?????
* Toilet Ghost

Panzerfaust - ?????

Sex Bitch - ?????
* Deathbitch

Sexwarrior - Lesbian Viking Metal
* Oppressed by Breasts
"Journey to Gal-palla"
"Valkyries Being Palkyries"
"Bi-king Curiosity"
"Red Sonja's Revenge"

The Spiteful Dildoes - Techno
* Quantum Ghost Blowjob

Viet-Bong - ?????

Viking Death House - Viking/Death Metal
* Futhark Graffitti

Voted "Most Obvious Name/Genre Combo" for five straight years and counting.

War Crater - ?????

War Pig - War Metal
* Bay of Pigs
"Reili x Bacon is my OTP - Bloodmouth Remix"

Wee Koshky and the Little Sharks - Barbershop Chorus