AGE: 31
GENDER: Virago - Physically female/Mentally and spiritually male.
SEXUALITY: Lesbian/Gay (I count anyone identifying as any kind of female genuinely as to what I'm attracted to)
NUDES/PORN: Special Delivery

@Sordidwields is my adult Twitter account. If you are not 18+, I would prefer you didn't follow it, and anyone who is and has their age posted somewhere publicly will be blocked from it. The name used to come from my OC Siofra Whelan's patron deity, who is a goddess of fire, passion, and sluts. And well, we're all sluts here now. Especially me. New name is a play on my main account's name.

This is where I can post stuff about porn games, post more awful pictures/screencaps/comments, post nudes, talk about my kinks and fetishes, and relieve general sexual and gender based stress when my girlfriend isn't around. There will be actual photos of various parts of me naked as I feel comfortable showing, but will have warnings so if you're not comfortable with the idea of seeing me naked, it's not a forced deal. Hopefully me being honest about this stuff makes others more comfortable with themselves, too.

There are youngins following my main account and I mentor kids anywhere as young as 2 up to as old as 17, but usually in the teen range, and I don't want them trying to find me past my email and, in some cases, my Steam account, more so because I don't need their parents going apeshit on us at the dojo and getting me in trouble. Some stuff posted will be under the pseudonym Rafaela Valdez, which is my old porn publishing name. This is also just so those uncomfortable with more extreme levels of this kind of content or those shaking their heads can better ignore it; I've had continuing trouble about a decade now with people being terrible to me about my sexual and media preferences.

There is a general CW/TW up at all times for any possible range of content, sexual or otherwise, so you are to tread at your own risk and can unfollow as needed. My main account will remain the same content/topic-wise as it always has and this will be used as the containment area for more extreme stuff. This is no holds barred, no shame, and will remain unlocked unless I need it hidden for a specific reason for a while. I will not apologise for any specific behaviors or commentary made by me on this account, unless it brings genuine harm to another person. You, too, should feel equally unashamed and able to talk to me about anything here, or ask me anything, or feel unashamed as to what you might say to me.

If you get uncomfortable with any flirting or advances from me, please tell me to back off. My girlfriend Koshka and I are in an open relationship and the rules are to just come back after, wash up, use protection, and treat the other person you're with with respect.

I don't care if anyone male-identifying finds me attractive or likes my nudes or porn or anything or compliments me/hits on me/flirts with me or gets off to all this or whatever, but I won't reciprocate anything. Essentially, a look but don't touch rule.

Specific YES/NO topics you are likely to encounter are as follows, but this by no means a comprehensive list. If you are unsure of a topic being in either category, just ask!

-Full on bestiality. Dragons/werewolves/magic beasts/monsters/etc are exempt from this.
-Corrective rape
-Me personally being pregnant

Anything on the NO list has a pretty much nonexistent chance of coming up as a topic, so don't worry too much about that. If for some reason it does, I'll make a note of it.

-BDSM (I'm almost always a dom, but can switch.)
-Pregnancy (Other women)/Impregnating women
-Huge tits
-Dirty talk
-Fantasy races/monster girls/aliens
-Taking women's virginity/innocence
-Making straight women question their sexuality/me being a magic exception
-Others finding my girlfriends attractive/hitting on her/wanting to fuck her
-Fucking my girls as I watch/give advice
-Rent/Sell my girls
-Threesomes or moresomes/Orgies
-Seeing women getting used
-Fightsex/Getting hit/Weapons kink
-Imagining I have a fully functioning dick
-Imagining myself as a complete guy (With certain women)
-Nonwhite women, particularly women from the Middle East, India, Mediterranean, various parts of Africa (I will try my damnedest to not be a weirdo fetishist about this one)