If you can afford to, I would appreciate you donating to my various causes and projects. Thank you in advance; all funds go to helping me pursue these interests and continue to bring you quality content of all sorts and look into a wider range of ways to bring it to you. This is my main means of supporting myself right now is through my original writing, personal essays, martial arts/self defense information, fandom work, game creation, and cooking. Any little bit helps.

If you can't afford now, keep me in mind or send friends over whom you may think be interested in what I have to offer.

Pay Pal - maid.mistress@gmail.com

Shirts are Men's S or M and women's M, prefer men's/unisex cut if possible. Mailing address given upon request. I also enjoy surprises/things you think I'd love. Food/drinks accepted, save for alcohol/beef/heavy cream. Hot sauces in the extreme end of things best beloved. If nothing else, bandannas do me well, as do chunky rings and pendants.



F/F fanfic and/or fanart of my OC Siofra | Art Refs
and/or my fave fictional version of my sister-in-law Nobunaga | Alt Form
and/or my own personal swordgirl Hoshigiri are always widely accepted.
Any combination of the above is also good

Right now, video games are very much not a priority, but I will keep these links up here for now

Good Old Games

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