I used to write original F/F - Yuri - Lesbian erotica in a high fantasy (and sometimes sci-fi) setting for money under the pseudonym Rafaela Valdez.
The market for it is no longer suited to the kind of thing I do, so I have decided to put them all up for free, as I had a good run anyways.
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Otherwise, please enjoy the stories of Siofra Aine Whelan, lesbian paladin. More info on her can be found here

I apologize now for any outdated terminology used to describe the books/kinks used and any vocabulary therein. These works are a fair bit old by now. Know I have learned since then.

Book 1: A Sapphic Inn-Cident | Read Here
F/F - Human/Elf - Contains use of toys and dirty talk

Book 2: Her Parched Lips | Read Here
F/F/F - Dragongirl/Human/Catgirl - Contains watersports

Book 3: Horny Cowgirls Get Rode | Read Here
F/F - Human/Cowgirl - Contains toys and ponyplay

Book 4: Mother's Keeper | Read Here
F/F - Succubus/Human - Contains humiliation, dubcon/blackmail, pregnancy play, food play, mental infantilization, pseudo/roleplaying mother/daughter incest, use of aphrodisiacs

Book 5: Spice Rub | Read Here
F/F - Human/Elf - Contains oral, dubcon, use of aphrodisiacs, weapon play, animal metaphors, and hammy speeches.

Book 6: Tropic Of Cum | Read Here
F/F - Human/Elf - Contains magic dicks, magic potions, orgy, oral, anal, impregnation, masturbation, chainmail bikinis.

Book 7: Go Fuck Yourself | Read Here
F/F - Slime Girl/Human, Human/Human - Contains oral, fingering, alcohol and pseudo-selfcest

Book 8: Pa-Sapphic Rimjob | Read Here
F/??? - Giant monster girl/Mecha - Contains monster girls, masturbation, girlcum eating, burning justice and blazing spirit, the death of my dignity, giant mechas, heroic speeches

Book 9: A Willing Plaything | Read Here
F/F - Succubi/Human and Succubus/Succubus - Contains magic dicks, oral, anal, vaginal, dark magick rituals, magic seduction, sex magick, being chained up

A complete rar containing all 9 stories can be found here

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